Meet the Author

Introducing myself, I’m Rick Shaw. I grew up in central Illinois and over the years have developed a great interest in antique tractors.


I have owned several different antique tractors over the past few years. My usual collection numbers at three. I also have several lawn and garden tractors. Some of the tractors I show around the state when my schedule permits.

I started owning L&G in the 1990’s but never actually started showing until 2010. I’m fortunate to have many friends in the area in which I live that share my “tractor passion” I’ve discovered many interesting stories that I would like to share. Antique tractors have been the catalyst to many new friendships. Stories about my involvement with people that I’m fortunate to have as friends will hold most of the conversation topics

I dedicate my efforts for this blog to my late mother Bonnie Jennings. She was who taught me to reach out and discover the artistry in life. My aspirations to write comes from her. In her teaching, anything is possible, it only takes the effort to try.

“Blessed are our artists, without them the world holds no color”

I do not claim to be an English major and my style may be somewhat unorthodox. I hope everyone will look past the grammar errors. Many of my friends have encouraged me to further my writing. Welcome to my next step. Enjoy the ride!