Country Elegance

This past weekend I took part in a royal dinner party. Granted most people in my social standing just consider it having supper together. Doug Edwards and I had planned the gathering and I had looked forward to the meal with eager anticipation.

I’m sure there are black tie events that still happen. Most gatherings I attend seem not to have a dress code though. I learned etiquette as I grew up. Now a day I very seldom, pretty much not at all, wear a jacket and or tie. I’m not seen wearing a shirt with a collar all that often. I have had to, of course, and I do know proper use of silverware, but I’d rather not have to worry about spilling and culinary debris on my clothing.

I highly doubt anyone that follows this blog or has involvement with the Antique Iron Mafia”  would look down their nose at country folk. I’d think we all ARE country folk! Maybe some of us still were bib overalls, eat fried chicken and baked beans with our fingers and drink moonshine. Ok I, for one, don’t drink moonshine, but I do prefer wearing bibs, fried chicken is favored, and some things are easier to eat with fingers. I’m sure my point is seen. Who else wishes to admit guilt for being country?

Saturday was a work day. Many projects were being completed at Jim’s shop. Jim, Doug, and Jason more than likely work like that all the time, I was just welcomed into the mix. Doug “super tuned”  my newly aquired M and was teaching an old dog tricks that should have been learned a long time ago.

The transition into our evening social event went smoothly. Tools were put away, tables were set up, the grill was warming up, and Doug and I went into KP mode for our wonderful three course steak dinner. Marcy had made a salad and cheese cake. Marlene made a green bean casserole. Everything is so much better with a green bean casserole! Rib eyes, grilled mushrooms, and grilled sliced potatoes made our 5 star meal complete.

I believe it was Doug who mentioned our dinning hall in the shop might have been a little to quaint for the jet set elite. My response to that was to ask why? Restaurants chose to decorate in a similar manner? The only difference in our dining service was it was more intimate and family. It was self service.

After dinner conversation in the dinning hall / shop

Ok so we’re not eating of of bone China and drinking from crystal glasses either. Honestly would food taste any different? Paper plates are far easier to clean. I personally am a little uncomfortable having someone hovering awaiting to attend my needs anyway. I don’t see any need in discussing the men’s room. I’m writing an article about class after all. Anyone country knows to wit I refer anyway.

A dignitary would more than likely be welcome at any event I go to. The only waiting on their wishes might simply be handing them a beer “since u is up”. That would only be if they had asked and nicely. They better not act to uppity and expect it all the time though, and return the gesture. Jason made comment “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”

Our time together that evening even went international for a brief instant. Yes there were red tractors near by, but I’m referring being in communication, via a text, with my little brother currently stationed in Korea. If that doesn’t impress, how about the fact we were dining with a look a like to a country legend!

Disclaimer: I don’t expect everyone to get the country legend implication.

I have been to many different social gatherings over the years. I find it really interesting that lately many of them have been held in or near the barn. It would stand to reason considering, I tend to surround myself with country people anyway. Breaking bread with the Edwards family is an example I consider dining with royalty. In that train of thinking ALL my friends are cherished in the form of royalty.

Whether you wear Armani or Carhartt, drive a Porsche or a pick up, everyone has their own sense of class and style. It’s not in clothes or other personal trapping. True measure is your actions and attitude. Now that’s how class is displayed.  I’m just glad to learn the wisdom of who I am and who I wish to associate with. My close friends are enrichment and bring joy to my life. I can only hope they feel the same of me.



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