Artistic Discipline Update

I had a goal to publish a minimum of two articles on this blog each month. Of course, I’ve set a lot of goals I have yet to reach. It all boils down to one important factor. Focus!

August was a dark month. Nothing was published. September isn’t shaping up to be much different. That doesn’t mean my creativity was dormant though. My energy has been toward finishing a novel.

Since I discovered the art of word smithing, I’m also learning there are different styles to being an author. A magazine reporter tells the story quickly and distinctly. This is the style my following is familiar with from me. My blog articles tend to be presented in that format.

A novelist has more expressions of imagination. The author not only tells a story, there is more coloring in the presentation. This style is similar to a painter working a plain canvas.

I’m sure others can write a book and produce solid articles at the same time. One of my writing heroes John Sandord is a newspaper man. My local hero Cindy Ladage has written a book. It must be possible!

My other issue is I’m not Clive Cussler, or like the late great Robert Parker, some of my other admired authors. I can’t sit down at my keyboard and pen a tale all day. I have to work to support myself. I don’t get paid to write…..yet. I do however have a job that I get paid to do while there is opportunity to write doing it.

Bottom line, I’m not making excuses. All of my readership is very important and I appreciate and enjoy knowing there is a following to my musings. I can only be thankful for continuing support.

In regards to YouTube and Patreon video, I’m not ready to produce content. That’s just too many irons in a very unstable fire. I had support going down that avenue earlier this year. It’s gone now, leaving me with much to learn before the undertaking. I barely have time for creating. I’m a perfectionist and I feel I can do better.

You may ask what can be expected from me then. Well best answer would be much the same…. Sparatic content as I continue learning the craft. I plan to continue improving my photography because that works hand in hand with the writing. I’ve reset my goals. Maybe two articles was a bar to high, for now…

There is content waiting in the wings, and plenty more ideas. Please have patience and faith while my imagination runs rampant in novelist mode.

As always, thanks to all that give me readership support!

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