Calm down!

Its March, the time of year to look forward to the tractor season. Everyone is starting to wrap up winter work on the show collection or pulling tractors. Anticipation of the new year, event planning and travel schedules are usually being finalized. This year is facing a delay.

I’m sure everyone is aware of COVID-19. Anyone that hasn’t must already be practicing social distance. I, personally, have done some research. This virus is dangerous and common sense DOES need to be exercised. The mass hysteria happening is ridiculous! The media doesn’t help by sensationalizing worse case scenarios.

I’m writing this on the evening of change. The next few weeks will be difficult for Illinois people. The governor has declared executive orders closings public business. New protocols have been implemented to combat the virus. We need to isolate ourselves as much as possible.

My job isn’t exactly work from home. The transportation industry needs to keep working. Modern grain hauling has become automated and isolated. ( reference my previous article Ag Hauling then & now) My coworkers and I should be able to work somewhat risk free, providing we exercise common sense. Not all America can lock down.

2020 has started out very challenging. We need to remember our Lord doesn’t give us more than we can handle. This too shall pass, making us stronger.

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