Update 2021 and An Explanation

I’ve shared updates to the progress of my attempt at journalism. If you have been following me, or even browse my articles, you can see the accomplishments and set backs I’ve discovered. I’ve discussed my biggest issue is lack of writing discipline. Unfortunately, I still seek that major influence.

Writing isn’t my day job. I can’t honestly admit I’m in pursuit of this as my primary career…..yet. If anything, “wordsmithing” is a talent I feel blessed to receive, even though I still don’t use it to my greatest abilities. I write what I know and understand. My work is also heartfelt. Some ramblings I share aren’t necessarily well researched, just expressed with feelings of passion. My latest article, here, was a release of memories from the passing of my very first employer. Another article that I had published last year didn’t even fit the format of this blog. Depression and the tragic result of suicide isn’t exactly a topic concerning antique tractors. However, I was compelled to share to the audience that follows this blog.

I have to admit trepidation to sharing my influence on media during these times. Could my sharing stories of country life offend someone? Dr. Suess and Mattel toys cause upset in our “new” climate of thought. What’s next? I’d like to think I’m being overly cautious but….

I don’t lack material topics. If anything my shortage is time to prepare the material for enjoyment. Did I mention the necessity of other employment? I still have interest in expanding to video journalism, but I’m still attempting to understand the more complex editing. I tend to be a perfectionist and refuse to put out work not up to expectations of quality.

I’ve been focusing on my professional driving career this winter. My employer purchased five new semi tractors and I was privileged to be assigned one of them. I’ve taken advantage of more hours of earning potential created by driving a newer truck. Working harder isn’t to uncomfortable in a brand new driver friendly truck!

Anyway, let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020. I want to thank all of you that follow my blog and the membership involved in the Antique Iron Mafia on Facebook. Please continue to enjoy the media entertainment.

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