Is This Really What Society Has Come Too?

I need to share some back story as to why I’m writing this article. I follow a YouTube channel Farmall Fanatic for obvious reasons. I’m pretty sure the channel host and I would be great friends.

One of his more recent videos had him calling out another content creator on YouTube Whistlindiesel. I don’t encourage anyone to view the video.

I watched part of the offensive video, and can guarantee I’m, and I would hope our crowd, are not his target audience. I could not stomach the whole thing. His format is destroying expensive items. He also takes great joy in creating hate toward himself.

The video I witnessed demonstrated to me a childish toddler with way to much money and very little respect for anyone or anything. It sickens me that others enjoy watching that sort of content. I don’t understand and therefore realize he would seek my hatred. My mistake is drawing further attention to his asinine intent by penning this article. The last the content needed is more time in the “fifteen minutes of fame”

The object of his destruction is a Farmall 1206. He purchased the tractor on auction for a phenomenal amount of money. According to his testimony, several collectors took offense to his purchase, this being his reason for the tractor’s destruction. I find it hard to believe that fellow collectors would treat him rudely. Most enthusiasts I know would have celebrated his purchase with him. Of course his immature attitude is very transparent. Fellow collectors would probably be sickened by his buying the tractor.

My opinion is aligned with Farmall Fanatic. He purchased the 1206, it is the kid’s property to do with as he feels. If he chooses to create YouTube content by destroying a tractor that’s also his right. It’s his freedom of expression.

It is terribly sad that he has such disregard for American heritage. Hopefully someday the young man will mature and realize his attitude is lacking. I question his parentage to allow this temperament. Unfortunately his morality seems to be growing into a majority of other like minded.

Our great nation’s political and moral climate is very much on a decline of late . Recent events have caused me great concern of our country’s well being. This can be seen as an example of why.

Below is a link to the Farmall Fanatic YouTube video. Again, I don’t recommend watching the offensive WhistlinDiesel video talked about. Search and discover at your own risk

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