The Clubhouse

I’ve learned you don’t always need to be in the parade, there’s need for a crowd to wave to. Digger Dave and I were just spectators for a show in Bushnell, IL.

The clubhouse with history

Spoon River Valley Antique Tractor Club is a great organized group that is based in a historic old barn. Their clubhouse has a rich history. Housing their tractors, in the building, is a suitable continued use.

The two buildings and carriage house are all that’s left standing from the early 1900s the facilities original intent was for breeding draft horses. The clubhouse had a twin at one time standing just to the west of it.

Later times, the building became a Case tractor dealership. Some of the box stalls were removed and parts bins and a counter were installed.

Tractors on display

I’m told the second story was packed with snowmobiles. I didn’t get the full story as to how that came about. If an individual is brave enough to venture up there they may still find one or two lurking in the dark.

The group holds monthly meetings and gets their tractors out to sun during fitting weather. There is a two day show held during Memorial Day weekend. I highly recommend visiting. You’re going to encounter a bunch of friendly people that love to talk “tractor”

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