A New Road

I gave hint to a new writing adventure, I’m undertaking, in the article 2022?. I wrote a book. The manuscript submission earned my first contract. Sometime, in the next year, New Perspectives will be available for purchase.

It’s amazing to reach the goal of being a published novelist. This wasn’t an actual goal I set for myself though. When I was an 18 year old high school graduate, I was just glad to be done with school. I should have paid closer attention to what my pretty English teacher was teaching, instead of admiring her.

I still plan to pursue being a journalist. There will still be articles, here, describing tractor adventures, such as shows and pulls. This blog will still celebrate the passion of country life and antique tractors.

Since my horizons are expanding, I want to give this readership the opportunity to enjoy the adventure too. My advancement in writing happened because of the supportive following. Thank you for that support!

I will be introducing new people in this blog. They won’t necessarily be interested in tractors, but our tractor friends may be interested in learning more about them. Our readers can look forward to meeting fellow authors, publishing with House of Honor Publishing.

One of the first people I’ll be introducing is Jack LaFountain. He is not only one of the authors in the House of Honor family, He is the publisher. I’m honored to be working with him.

Jack has several books available. I have listened to two so far using Audible. I plan to share a review in a future article here.

Anyway, that’s what will be happening in 2022. I hope you enjoy the new road I’ll be guiding down. Back to work, My next adventure is half way written! This manuscript isn’t going to take 8 years to complete!

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