There’s been alot of behind the scenes work going on lately regarding Antique Iron Media. Ever since the decision to produce video was inspired, there were other details needing to be met.

My friend James Hunt had recently made a weekend visit to help me update my computer technology. I’m self taught on the workings of tools involving data production. In fact, I only had a slight clue as to my being out dated. James opened my eyes as to how far behind I had been. My new equipment is far more savvy than its operator, with time I hope to catch up. James is there to patiently answer questions and guide me further into the matrix. Its always good to have friends like that.

I informed you, the reader, in my article titled “Big News” I was seeking the assistance of a graphic artist. I wasn’t having great luck and on a whim I tried my hand at creating a design.

I was actually quite happy with the outcome. It turned out far easier to bring my idea to conception, then trying to explain it to someone. This design embraces the joined partnership between the media and mafia. I felt this important, to recognize, considering the media enterprise has been growing with the support and following from our mafia group membership.

It’s been fun designing the brand concept. There is a special pride in doing the work myself. I’m sure my mom would have been proud, she always encouraged me to step out of the box. She also would have reminded me “you don’t know what can be done until you try!”

The new plans can be a little overwhelming. I have no plans to stop writing. The YouTube videos will just parallel my article content. Thankfully I have help in carrying the new burden.

Stay tuned! 2019 is looking to be an exciting year.

One thought on “Branded!

  1. Great design and always enjoy the articles you write. Very informative and well written. Can’t wait for the YouTube videos they will be spectacular.

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