Hometown Country Fun

Franklin, IL always has a big celebration for the 4th of July. The village square becomes full of festival activity typical of a small town set for fun. Crafts, games, fair type food, and live music attract the crowd.

The annual event is also known for serving “burgoo”. For those unaware burgoo is a stew, cooked in a large cast iron kettle, that must date back to the pioneer days. I personally never knew much about this interesting cuisine until I moved to central IL. Burgoo is a story in itself.

I became actively involved in Franklin’s celebration during the 2015 parade. Since then, I’ve traveled the parade route on / in a antique vehicle. Generally I’m on a tractor, but last year I drove Big Red. A hot loud old truck isnt a great choice, but a lady friend I was seeing at the time wanted to be in the parade. I should have spent more time teaching her how to operate a tractor.

Prepared to parade

Jim Edwards holds his annual open house on the 4th. Obviously the tractor people congregate there and spend a relaxing day looking at his extensive collection. I discovered how much work the family goes through for the yearly event. It takes the whole family and anyone willing to lend a hand to prepare.

Bird’s eye view of Jim’s yard

Line of Green

The open house has grown tremendously since my friendship with the family began. Jim’s dyno gets extensive use demonstrating PTO horse power measurements. He set up a braker fan a few years ago to show how belt pullies worked.

The neighbors generally bring tractors to contribute to the open house show line, which gives a larger viewing. We did “tractor” games one year just to be more playful. Generally it’s a pleasant excuse to eat, talk and have fellowship with friends of common interest.

A time for felowship

This year was a change up though. Doug and Josh Adkins put together a tractor pull. This wasn’t new to the Franklin celebration, but no one had worked at hosting a pull for quite a few years. The rebirth had a few hick ups and the managers handled the issues splendidly.

Track building

Mother Nature made it difficult to build a track for pulling. Considering that, the problem was handled very well. The pullers made do with what they had and there was a decent showing.

Track inspectors

There was a great local turnout this year. Josh & Doug had a great amount of help to put on the show. The Franklin celebration only gets bigger and better as time goes forward.

Not all the photography work was my own. I want to thank those that contributed art work. Unfortunately I’m not sure who all the photographers were.

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