Country Candite

I come from a very artistic family. My mom sewed, quilted, knitted, made dolls, pretty much anything creative. Her older sister paints and is also crafty. The sisters encouraged their children to explore artistic talents. My sister, cousin and I have musical talents. We all play or have played various musical instruments. Some of that ability was self taught.

I have discovered, during my writing pursuit, that pictures express thousands of words and help tell the story. It’s also true a photograph can tell it’s own tale. Because of this, I have become interested in another art form.

The Shanty, the view from the porch
Distance, the view from the porch
Rain barrel, the view from the porch

These first three were taken while I was enjoying a quiet evening with a couple that mean alot to me. When my mom died in 2014, I had thought my world would never be the same again. I figured I wouldn’t have somewhere to go and have someone to talk too. Its, of course not the same, but I’m grateful for how it is now. There is family by birth and then there’s family created by special bond. This farm is a special place for me to go.

Some of these images have been used in other articles. If the picture is viewed in whole its noticeably on the same location.

I took these for an article I was commissioned to pen. These were a few that I sent for consideration to be published, but they didn’t make the cut. That was a great photo shoot! Probably because of the people involved are great friends of mine

Jim Edwards’ Super 77 made the cover of a magazine. The editor had several choices. Here were a few from that photo shoot.

Scenes from home.

More of my photography can be found on Instagram ~ Rick_antiqueironmedia

This musing is a small escape from my normal theme of the blog. I’m a story teller, I learned that from my heritage. My grandfather, and dad could weave a great adventure or joke. In their spirit, I’d like to think I’m perfecting my craft in different form.

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  1. That’s a great article and very good pictures. Thanks for mentioning my dad. You write very good articles and are as talented writer.

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