Change, Change, Change

It’s funny, to me anyway, how interests change concerning the antique tractor passion. I can’t remember not having love for tractors. I’m pretty sure I was born with it.

Financial resources probably have a great determination on what involvement a hobbyist can have. I’m sure storage is also a factor. I started out as a farm toy collector. That never has changed though. The toys are just bigger!

My first wife was patient enough to tolerate my hobby. I collected 1/64th scale, then, due to not having the room to display larger scale. A large collection of small scale can be overwhelming to show off in a two bedroom trailer. We discovered a social network when I started selling and trading pieces I lost interest in. I found getting sale tables a great way to change up my stuff. My ex liked the fact I made a profit and the collection wasn’t a draw on our tight budget. She found a great outlet to sell crafts. We both enjoyed the discovered new friends that shared our interest.

I’ve always had a few 1/16th scale. I lost a major amount of those in a fire when I was younger. Some of my peices survived the fire and I find myself fortunate for that. My 1/16th scale collection has increased again.

Now the tractors displayed are tractors I have owned or at least driven.

I like the peddle tractors, but as of yet don’t have any gracing my display. If ever I come across one I have a place in mind to show it off. I’ve learned to never say never. I finally quit saying I’m done buying collectibles. I guess I’m just done saying “I’m done!”

There was a gap where I disappeared from being public, but my passion was still there. My second wife had to tolerate my growing pains in collecting. At this point, I started collecting lawn tractors. My first show tractor was actually purchased for parts. Turned out my parts tractor was in far better condition.

That little Simplicity has gone through so many styles and changes over the past years. It never had the same look. It took a few years before I realized there were other people that were as crazy as I was. I finally started exhibiting at shows 10 or 12 years later.

Like farm toys, I started collecting full size antique tractors. I like to say I collect 1/16th and 1/64th for real now.

I didn’t expect having a cool toy hauler was going to expand me into yet another aspect of enthusiasts. (Does anybody that reads my musings really believe that?) My latest addition even has it’s own following of enthusiast. Everybody can find a golf cart to ride around at tractor events, but not me! I had to be different. I have a Cushman truckster.

Maybe change isn’t the right phrase of analysis in my case. Maybe it’s more a expanding into new horizons.

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