Another Form of Journalism

It dawned on me that a good journalist uses more than written words to tell a story. There are other tools of presentation available. I’m going to do another feature of my photography work in this article.

I’m also going to share one of my secrets, that I discovered, to enhance photographs. Instagram is actually another social media platform. Personally, I use it as nothing more than an art gallery.

Here are examples of my enhancement work. Its glaringly obvious which is the enhanced workings in this grouping. The filters nicely draw out highlights and change coloring effects. Some effects bring the subject front and center.

Here’s another example. Notice the edit brightens up the underside of my truck. “Oliver” the mechanic is easily seen. That concludes my tutorial. Now, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I have so many pictures of the Edwards family. I’m sure they are use to my stepping away to capture candid shots. Doug refers to me as “Dusty Lense” when I go into photography mode.

“Digger” Dave Kemp commissioned me to take pictures of his second generation Deere collection. His son Brandon assisted. I didn’t shoot the black and white photo, I only did the edit work. Obviously one shot is unedited. Professional Photographers can generally stay out of the picture.

Finally, the last grouping are just random photos I’ve taken. My Instagram account is listed Rick_antiqueironmedia if you would like to become a follower and see all my filtered work there.

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