Droves of Drivers, Franklin 4th of July,2020

2020 has been a year for adjustments to a new normal. Most every social event has been canceled due to social distancing guidelines. It’s hard to keep country folk isolated though, as my opening remarks revealed. Franklin, IL. historically has Independence Day festivities. You can reference more information in my archive by reading Hometown Country Fun.

Josh Adkins

Tractors came from everywhere! The beginning number was close to 80. There was even a semi tractor in the parade around the Franklin square. The parade people did out number the crowd watching the tractors pass by, but not by much. Several people sat along the street and enjoyed the spectacle. Many people, that lived along the drive route, waited relaxing under their shade trees at home. Americana resembled somewhat of a norm, for a time. Here is a link of the tractors passing through Franklin

The population of Nortonville tripled for a short period. Here is a video of the crowd during the rest period.

Here’s a sampling of pictures Cindy Ladage took.

Thank you Clinton Park and Joe Moeller for video graphic assistance producing this article. Clinton has a YouTube channel and uploaded video of the drive from the operator perspective. Clinton or maybe “Cletus” can be found on YouTube @ Cletus the hillbilly.

Still photography credit goes to Cindy Ladage “Traveling adventures of a farm girl”

Remember, if you have a tractor and want to restore it. Call Doug @ (217) 473-1856 “He shines your heritage!”

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