Heritage Awareness

2020 has unfolded to be a scary year. American people have been bombarded with so much propaganda that our history needs to be erased. Statues are being destroyed, paintings removed, all in the name of someone being offended. I’ve actually had a conversation with a friend, raised with similar values as mine, that surprised me. He thought erasing our heritage needed to happen. There are those that feel notables, of our past, do not deserve any honor.

I can’t understand why modern people are holding our forefathers accountable for happenings from long ago. Why do we, as a society, suddenly feel entitled, that we can judge and determine what history is “allowed” remembrance.

Simply we can’t forget! Our past is not rosy and perfect! Heritage is what makes us who we are. The treacherous traitors we are told were horrible people should be studied to discover their motivations. Our past is full of the honorable that stood by their convictions. Only ignorant judge without understanding.

Did anyone stop and think our past notable heroes would look at us with disgust. We are destroying and undoing everything they fought so hard to make better for us. If anything we should feel ashamed of actions. There are many that fought and died, so ignorant people have the freedom to believe and act in a stupid insolent manner of their choosing.

I’m sure there are those of like mind with me. They look at what’s happening, in our country, with regret and sad heart. Sadly that’s all we do. We sit idly by and let the travesty continue. We aren’t raising our voices in opposition and the events keep happening. When do we stand and fight to right what’s wrong?

For those that want to hide from our history and forget it. I have a profound thought.


This has happened before and its happening now. We can not bury our history and forget, we need to honor it.

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