Road Tractors

I went to a show celebrating a different kind of tractor on Saturday. There are big trucks and then there are flashy big trucks. This was a definite event to show pride in your ride.

Looking down one of several show lines

This particular show was held in Rantoul, IL. Chanute Air Field is a huge location to hold such an event. I’m sure many are familiar with this site since it’s used for the Century of Progress farm show. This was the actual first time I have been on the retired air base. The old buildings are quiet and forlorn, but with imagination, one can visualize the hustle of military activity that once was happening.

There were new trucks, old trucks, trucks with every kind of imaginable trailer. There aren’t many cab over engine trucks seen the highway anymore, but they are still prevalent at truck shows

The group I attended with consisted of my long time friend Kevin Periman. Kevin’s son Travis, Chris Mohl, & Dan Nagle were acting as our advance party. The three younger men had gone over separately from Kevin and me. They had discovered everything “worthy” of our needing to see closely. In all fairness, everything was worth seeing. There was much exercise to see it all though.

Chris and I had fallen back a little from the group at one point. He quietly confessed that big desiel trucks were all new to him. I found that pretty cool. He was viewing the trucks with new eyes while a lot of what I was seeing brought back memories.

The Walters of New Berlin are known for their custom design. They had one of their creative works on display. I remember the truck when a Pleasant Plains company owned it. The truck was nice then, Its EVEN sharper now!

Walters truck
This truck is much longer now
Interior- notice the hardwood floor

I’m going to see if I can get a interview and more pictures of then and now for this old beautiful Kenworth.

Maybe next year I’ll have an entry for this type of show….only time will tell. Regardless, I highly recommend anyone to take an opportunity to attend.

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