A Whole Lotta Red

There are collections, and then there are collections. Some friends and I traveled to western Iowa to view one dedicated to red power.

Photography by Kevin Periman, I didn’t think of shooting outside pictures. Thanks Kevin!

Farmall Land USA is located in Avoca, IA. The location is easily located. Its coordinates are along I-80 at exit 39. There are motels nearby for weary travelers. There is a easily recognized land mark for the red power enthusiast. Just look for the H high in the sky.

Photography by Kevin Periman

The owners, Jerry and Joyce Mez, have this extensive red line up housed in a 26,500 square foot building. The museum is well lighted and climate controled, helping to preserve the tractors. The indoor environment is also very comfortable for viewing the fine red peices.

IMG_0218 (2)

Many visitors were in attendance, obvious observation of the current pandemic
Just look at all that “bling”!

IH pedal tractors and toys line the walls. Any available space is filled with Harvester paraphernalia. Hats, tools and even refrigerators and freezers. If International Harvester built it, the Mez family collected it.

IMG_0227 (1) (2)

IMG_0224 (2)

IMG_0225 (2)

Jerry also collects Cub Cadet. He has every model from the Cub “original” to the red 82 series, which were the last models Harvester produced. There were model numbers I wasn’t aware built.

IMG_0217 (1) (2)

IMG_0226 (2)

Joyce has a nice comfortable alcove displaying her touches. There are quilts on the walls, art, and of course other feminine collectables such as dolls. Honestly, I would have stepped in to examine the area more in risk of loosing my “man card” ~sarcasm A little known fact about the author. I have a quilt collection in memory of my late mom

Lady’s area, I’m not sure guys are welcome?

Now the bad news. This is the farewell season for the museum. The owners are retiring in September. The collection will be auctioned off starting in November. Farmall Land USA will soon be gone.

I want to thank Katrina Periman for the technical assistance I needed to complete this article. 

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