Plowing with Friends

Some people like to go on tractor drives, others strive the challenge of moving a pulling sled. One of my favorite ways to demonstrate the abilities of antique tractors is by plowing.

Years ago, farmers would work together in this manner. I’d like to think plowing is a way modern collectors celebrate that neighborly attitude. I’ve attended several plow events, and have seen the rekindled spirit of days gone by.

Don Nowak

Don Nowak invited me to bring one of my rigs over to Glenarm, IL. I had other plans, but it’s funny how plans can be changed. The amateur reporter saw the opportunity to report a story while the old time farmer wanted to turn dirt.

Big Iron

Originally there were nine of us in the furrow. John Deere dominated the ground. There was an Allis Chalmers, my Farmall 300 and a sharp little D-2 Caterpillar. Tractors were dropping out with issues and that left three.

Lloyd Frasee on a D-2 Caterpillar
Making adjustments

There is just something about being in control of a tractor straining in a furrow. The sense of power the engine is delivering, ensuring the tires are gripping and not spinning, and watching the dirt roll over in front of the plow shears. Its romantic in some sense. There is sound, sight, and smell enhancing the experience.

Unfortunately my day was quickly cut short. A fluke mechanical issue caused an electrical wiring fire. I was lucky enough to learn some tips from a couple experienced gentlemen to limp my tractor on to the trailer for its ride home. I gladly report the damage is minor and my favorite plowing set up will be good as new. From that point, I became a spectator and not a participant.

My Farmall 300 is on the trailer in the background, it’s hard to see behind the giant chair

This gave me the chance to socialize. There were old friends, familiar faces and the opportunity to meet new people. Fellow blogger and professional writer Cindy Ladage was in attendance. I encourage everyone to follow her writing on her blog Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

Lee Curby was taking pictures during the day. He had a drone in the air. With his permission, I’m going to feature his excellent photography

Thanks Lee Curby for letting me feature your photography.

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