Harvest Candid

If you’re a regular follower to my blog you know I don’t get much time to create articles during harvest. This time of year is very fast paced and high energy, with extensive work hours. I focus more on being a professional driver than my writing talents.

The day begins

I do get opportunity to take pictures, so I’m going to do another photographic article with less writing. I hope you enjoy my views, during my duties, working for a grain operation.

Getting a load ready to ship
Cutting beans
Bin top view. Photo by Mark Enslow

I generally spend my harvest in a semi. This year I have been a grain cart operator.

I don’t get to run one of these to often
Down hood view

I’m not the only one in my region that likes red power. Brad and Greg King own red. Here’s a few pictures when I was hauling for them.

Catch Brad! Greg has got to keep moving
Brad hands off the hauling to me
Happy faces, Brad & Laurie King

I snapped a quick picture from my truck and ended up with a happy accident. The following picture isn’t a new state of the art model combine with two load out augers. There are actually two combines in the picture. The one coming toward the shot is hidden behind the away combine.

Optical illusion
Shade tree mechanics

So once the grain is ready for the truck to move where does it go? Well, for more depth read my previous three part Then and now Ag Hauling article in the archive. Here is a picture overview.

Holly Schinzler & Angie Philips. These two ladies are great at keeping everything straight
Dump pits are busy
Matt Dambacher is in high places at times

The following picture isn’t just a pit manager. The man on the broom actually owns and manages the elevator. He knows every job. The previous picture is second in command. He does everything and goes anywhere.

Greg Boesdorfer, The owner can do every job
Dump trailer on the pit ahead of me
Over the pit
Later in the day
The day is ending, but the work isn’t over

There you have it! A glimpse of candid moments throughout my usual day during the fall.

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