Where are we going from here?

In the archive, of this blog, there is an article I wrote titled Ever Growing Circle. This article explains the beginnings of the Antique Iron Mafia

The article is one of my first written for this blog. There were 140 members when I penned the peice in 2017, an increase from 20 when the Facebook group was created in 2014. The membership count is now at 322. The following is bigger, but nothing else seems to have changed. We are gathered celebrating agricultural history.

There have been past attempts to structure the “Mafia”. Right now we are nothing more than “organized chaos”. There are so many good reasons for us to become a club, but there are hurdles and headaches in doing it as well. Maybe someday.

The Facebook group has an appointed administration. The four of us bring forth many fresh ideas and interesting topics. Mainly we monitor and see that our utopia runs smoothly and comfortably for our following.

From left to right Doug Edwards, Jessica Basford, me and Clinton Park

We recently had a live action media meeting on Facebook. On a side note, the past live action attempts have been poor in audio quality. This one unfortunately was no exception. It’s hard to hear the great ideas and information we discussed. I need to invest in some video/ audio equipment on behalf of Antique Iron Media, I haven’t done that yet.

There has been a brand created. I’m kind of proud of the design considering it was my attempt at it.  Merchandise can be created.

This is the brand concept created.
Concept for a hat

I haven’t really pushed this idea really hard for two reasons. We sadly live in a lawsuit society now. If someone were to attempt a lawsuit I probably would be held liable in the attempt. The Antique Iron Mafia doesn’t really exist. Alot of members already belong to organized clubs. The Mafia now supports & promotes other club events. I’ve always thought advertising  a nonexistent club might take away from the event hosts promotion.

My attitude has relaxed towards the creation of merchandise now. I, personally, tend to promote Doug’s business enterprise whenever I’m involved with a tractor related event. Doug’s logo brand is prominently displayed behind the staff in the picture above. If you would like a Tshirt or can cozy, please contact Doug .

The possibilities are endless! Hats Tshirts, can cozies, and even ID magnets can be ordered. I’m going to have  banners made, but one will be a variation That one will advertise my media business

This is the variation logo.

The merchandise will be created on “as interest” basis. If you would like something with the brand, please let me know.

Ideas of events for 2021. – revisiting hosting a tractor show – more tractor drives – involvement of community parades during holiday occasions – agricultural demonstrations such as plow days – group parties to travel for a museum visit.

Show and shine
Let’s parade!
Plow day

2020 was a horrible year for social events. Hopefully 2021 will be better

Another issue we are addressing is a calendar of events. This has been a long time in coming. Generally, I promote upcoming events at least 2 weeks before they happen. I understand that people may not keep a continuous monitor of the group and an event may get overlooked. A updated monthly calendar would be available in the file section on the group page.

I have to remind people that a successful calandar will only work if we are made aware of events. The Mafia staff and I generally see to promoting everything that we are aware of. With that being said, we don’t always know of everything going on. Everyone’s participation is greatly encouraged.

The public knowledge of the Mafia is now six years. We have grown slowly. I realize bigger isn’t always better and I’m thankful for each and every one that supports the group now. With that said, the Mafia staff wish to see our group grow more and flourish. We not only would like to see the membership tally increase, we encourage more participation. This isn’t MY group! The group doesn’t belong to the Mafia staff. This group belongs to EVERYONE! We are only as successful as WE all make it.

In parting, I ask, what can we do to make the Antique Iron Mafia better? Feel free to contact me on Facebook or email ideas and comments to


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