Farmall 300

One of Edwards Tractor Restoration’s projects to be completed recently was a sweet little Farmall 300. The tractor isn’t totally unique, in fact, 300’s are pretty common. 29077 tractors rolled off the assembly line.

Photo by Doug Edwards

The model 300 was built from 1954 to 1956. There was also a utility and hi- crop variation. These tractors were being produced in the time when Farmall had created their version of a three point hitch, which they introduced calling it the fast hitch. International Harvester first introduced the fast hitch as an option on the Super C. The 300 was one of the first row crop model having the fast hitch variation.

This particular 300 has a very handy two hydraulic cylinder controlled hitch. This style isn’t unique, but I’ve never seen very many like it. It may very well be an early attempt at “draft control” Its very helpful when plowing

Notice the hydraulic cylinder directly in front of the rear wheel

When Harvester introduced the new number series they created a sleeker looking style. The tractor has a more modern flair. One can speculate this was done competing with other tractor manufacturers.

This 300 was on a single wheel row crop option. The change to a two wheel front happened when the most recent owner acquired the machine.

Photo by Jason Edwards

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