Sled Hooking to be Helpful

Photo by Megan Wunderlich

Saturday, June 19th several Oliver enthusiasts gathered in West Alton, Mo. The Olivers Pulling between the River event, hosted by River Point Tractor Pulling Association & Edwards Tractor Restoration took place. Mother Nature gave the event a comfortable day to start, and didn’t turn up the heat to bad until later in the day. Those involved had a pretty good time.

Line up for “weigh in”
Host Doug Edwards weighs in

The tractor pull was held as a charity fund raiser for the Floyd County Museum in Charles City, Ia. The profits, from the event, are being donated to the museum’s building repairs fund. Floyd County Museum houses the Oliver archives and a impressive Oliver collection.

I made a deal with Kevin Westerhold,

Kevin Westerhold was helpful to achieve sponsorship. His simple request was to have a picture. I obliged under the condition he bring the sled to pose. He did! Thanks Kevin and thanks to the sponsors on the sign

Special thanks goes to Aumann Vintage Power & Classic Tractor Fever for their help in promoting the event. Their expert skills made many people aware of the event taking place.

All the way from Arkansas

Not everyone was “local” Dave Hanson made the drive from Corning Ar. That’s a good distance to compete. I actually met up with Dave early in the morning for his interview. I discovered traveling was a pretty usual occurrence. Thank you Dave for coming.

He came to go the distance
Taking the sled to the glory end of the track

Marlene Cummins isn’t afraid to show the boys “How its done!” She competed with Ms Oliver

How cool would it be to win a pulling tractor by means of a raffle ticket? Roger Emig, from Mascoutah, knows what that’s like. St Jude builds a puller every year to create funds for their hospital. 2021 was a Oliver 77 named Lucky 77.

Roger Emig won a winner

The Lucky 77 stays with it’s theme. Notice the card suit detail in the back wheels. 750 lbs of custom weight were included.

750 lbs of custom weights were part of the package

Roger shared that the tractor interrupted hunting season. A friend asked if he was ready and he joked “Nah, I got to go get my tractor in Mississippi” The joke was on him, he really did!

The turn out for the event could have been bigger. There was plenty more room and time for competitors. The weather, north of West Alton, was stormy. That may have been a major factor

There was plenty of parking
Lined up and ready

Thanks to everyone that took part. 78 hooked the sled for the charity of our Oliver heritage.

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