I’m sure everyone has been hungry and have no idea what they want to eat. That would be a great analogy of my writing pursuit. Thanksgiving weekend brought me to, yet, another crossroad.

I completed my first manuscript. Where do I go from here in the novelist aspect? Well, I’ll tell you this much. I’ve ventured into uncharted waters and I’m having an interesting adventure. *Note the bold italics. I have already started to pen my next work. Hopefully it won’t take me 8 years to complete.

I haven’t given up on the video aspect of journalism. I’ve admitted, before, that my foremost focus is writing. Still photography holds my stronger interest. I discovered my camera skills lack writing my last article here in the blog. Thankfully, my smartphone saved me yet again. Practice, practice, practice

I’ve ventured off on different tracts throughout the past years. Partnerships formed only to be dissolved later. I won’t apologize that I look out for the best interest of my writing craft. Mistakes are tools to teach. Some pursuing threads have been left purposely for their rightful time in my pursuit.

I’m very thankful for the guidance I’ve received. I’m also very grateful to those that lend me their ears, listening to my ideas.

As 2021 closes, I want to thank everyone of my friends and followers. I wouldn’t be where I am now without all your support. Thank you for continued patience in my irregular content. I still maintain my integrity to produce quality and not flood the audience will quantity. My hope is that you follow my creativity for that reason.

My predictions for 2022….we all share a prosperous new year! As always….let’s enjoy the ride.

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