Don Nowak, the Toy Man

I’d imagine every one of us, with the tractor passion, has a farm toy replica collection. Farm toys don’t take up as much room as the real thing. The toys don’t cost as much and easier to maintain the collection.

Read the last part of that previous paragraph and then try to stop laughing! For example, I was once at an auction where I watched a pedal tractor replica bring a higher bid than the real tractor selling on the same auction!

I was allowed a viewing of an amazing collection, owned by Don Nowak. I have to warn you, the pictures I tried to take don’t do the collection justice. His collection is housed in a 26×40 building, and there are toys everywhere!

What toys Don can’t find he will replicate himself. I was fortunate enough to have him customize a Farmall 806 with a cab, that was just like the real one I learned to operate as a kid.

The 806 gets a top shelf in my Red power display.

Don has done many other custom works. For examples, building a tandem tractor setup ( which was recognized in the local paper), a plow, a flatbed utility trailer and even a corn crib. The crib was featured in Toy Farmer magazine.

While I was there Don had a corn picker project underway. I’ll let him reveal that project when its completed. Don would like to find a cozy cab to customize tractors with. No parts suppliers make anything. I’m willing to bet he gets frustrated enough waiting and designs his own at some point.

So as your mouth waters and you secretly wish you had a collection to rival Don’s, just remember….you can. The most remarkable aspect of Don’s collection. This isn’t the first one he amassed. There were two others before this one!

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