Friends and Memories

Maybe I’m just a sentimental old fool, but lately I’ve been reflecting on friendship and memories. The past few year’s social isolation, due to the pandemic, could be a major contributor as to why I personally cherish my tight bonds. The loss of close friends is also a factor. We make memories everyday, little realizing it may be the last.

People with the tractor passion seem to create very close lasting friendships. Some can be deeper than just mere acquaintances that share a common interest. The closeness in the “tractor” community also is founded from family involvement. The tractor families in central IL. generally number more than one generation.

Central Illinois recently lost, yet another great collector. Russel Miner was well known for his enthusiasm toward the tractor passion. Even in his advanced age, Russel participated in as many club activities and tractor events as his health would allow him.

Russel’s enthusiasm flowed throughout his family. His tractor legacy will not end with his passing. Just like other tractor friends that passed on before him, the community will continue to be blessed with happy memories.

I wish I had known Russel better than I had. The few encounters I shared were wonderful. I could feel the loss felt by the family and my close friends that knew him better than I did.

Central Illinois has developed a unique way to send off and celebrate life now. This wasn’t the first time tractors have been involved in some manner. I reference my blog article The Final Ride in which I shared about Andy Harris’ final journey.

The show of respect

Saturday March 19, 2022 was a dreary chilled morning. Even Mother Nature must have been sad in Russel’s passing. Four of Russel’s favorite tractors stood guard in the church parking lot. Five more were posted in honor of him across the street.

The melancholy aspect to our tractor community is we added, yet another name to our list of friends that now live in our memories.

One thought on “Friends and Memories

  1. Being Russel’s neighbor we will miss looking out the window to see him driving thru our driveway on his ol tractor. Or stopping me while I was walking to tell me a story. And him and Leahy sitting in the garage visiting. Neighborhood lost a legacy of the way things used to be. No one really does that anymore. Russel you are missed


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