Driving In Memory of Russel

Saturday, June 18th, was a glorious summer day. The weather was perfect to have a tractor drive in memorial tribute to Russel Miner. This event was presented by the Sangamon County Farm Bureau Young Leader Committee.

There was a lot of mingling among friends as the tractors were unloaded at the New Berlin High School. Cindy Ladage was present. She interviewed friends, asking about their memories of Russel. Smiles and stories were in great abundance.

Cindy interviewing a couple knowledgeable characters
Jason Edwards prepares for the journey on his “Whistling Super M” This tractor has a Keystone turbo

The drive departed at 10am. I think…I don’t keep track of such trivial things. We explored the county back roads. Traveling west until we reached the county line. At that point we meandered north and back east, until the caravan arrived at Billie Miner’s home.

Wayne Ladage following me on his 350
The line behind Wayne
The view over my hood

Carl Davis was on the road with us. Here’s some of what he saw

Here are some pictures from Cindy Ladage’s perspective

Digger spent a good part of his day on his 4020. He also worked the track for the tractor pull that evening
Digger Dave leads the way
I have a arrived

After Billie greeted us, we spent more time in fellowship, enjoying a break. Water and snacks were available. Is anyone noticing a theme here? We love to socialize!

Our gracious host Billie Miner during the rest break. Photo by Cindy Ladage
Now there’s a crowd in the know.
Grandpa Russel built that! Eric Smith at the wheel. Photo by Carl Davis

My love of the red power is well known. They were lined up and I couldn’t resist

We returned to New Berlin and the fairgrounds. The return trip gave us some nice landscape to enjoy. Carl Davis remembered to take a picture. In my defense, I’m more cautious about taking pictures and driving. I dropped a phone once doing that.

2022 Sangamon County Fair Queen Meadow Sporror greeted us as we returned into New Berlin. She was also taking pictures with a few of the tractors, after we parked on the fairgrounds.

I boldly explained that John Deere green wasn’t a great color as a background for such a lovely young lady. She was slightly “put off” until I helped her discover a much more fitting background color.

Well, here’s my take on the day. Thanks to Carl Davis and Cindy Ladage for helping show it with their photography.

Step on over and look at Cindy’s article in her blog Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl. I’m sure her story will be up soon. A link will be established through the group Antique Iron Mafia

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