Prairie Days Show

Another successful Prairie Days Tractor Show was held, in Pawnee IL, Saturday June 11th. This year was one of the biggest anyone could remember. There was a good amount of tractors on display.

This year there was a large amount of Lawn and Garden tractors added. We can thank Carl Davis for the majority of Lawn tractors. Digger Dave Kemp and I contributed three to the line.

Larry Boblitt hosts this small one day show. What makes it more special is the tractor games featured. Operators compete in a blind tractor drive, chain pile competition, draw bar tap. Slow race, and quick start race.

Enola would have won if she had stopped sooner!
I hope Jessica and I don’t lead the Mafia as blindly as we drove (lol)
What’s your hurry Donnie? The last guy wins
Chris whispering “Just a little further Carl, you can beat Rick”
This was the slowest slow race I can remember in Pawnee. Carl won as an owner, Chris took the victory on Carl’s tractor

This year there were some pretty unique cool tractors on display. This beautiful Aluminium Hood shined like a priceless jewel.

This restored beauty is a 1930 Catterpiller twenty.

This tractor is a one of a kind. It’s a Rawlings! Jerry doesn’t even remember when he finished building it. Kind of a Johnny Cash one peice atta time thing.

There will be more about this unique tractor in an upcoming article.

Carl Davis works for Eli Bridge and it was only fitting to get his picture with the Ferris Wheel set up near by. I took several, but this one is my favorite

Besides the activities and play time, this was an opportunity for fellowship. Many of us brought our lawn chairs so we could sit and visit.

Of course a show is never “christened as good” unless Carl Davis falls asleep. Photo by Don Nowak

Doug Edwards of Edwards Tractor Restoration and Antique Iron Media became proud sponsors for this event this year. We are both happy to support this fun show. Larry awarded a plaque to our group in appreciation.

Photo by Sherry Hinds

The plaque was a team effort. I’m proud of the Antique Iron Mafia for coming out and supporting this show. I look forward to next year.

Authors note ~ Unless otherwise noted in the caption, a majority of the photography credit goes to Jessica Basford for this article. I took a few pictures, but Jessica’s camera work is top notch. She was foolish enough to entrust me to “hold” her camera when she competed in the blind race. I couldn’t resist a few shots getting her in the lens. More of her great photography can be found in our Facebook group Antique Iron Mafia.

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