Carl Hauger’s Collection

This year has given me a great chance to put faces to names. I recently met Rob Bush while I was attending AJ’S Tractor Jamboree . I’m still embarrassed by the fact I originally snubbed Rob, but that will be a story we can laugh about for years to come….I hope!

I made contact with Rob through Facebook. We have communicated about several tractor topics and I’m grateful he put me in touch with Joe Lofink. Rob helped me find my current Du-all.

Rob also helped me get in contact with Carl Hauger. Carl has been very helpful answering questions about Shaw and shared knowledge about the brand. Carl also collects Gibson tractors. Since my recent purchase, we share that in common. I’ve learned alot from conversations.

Carl doesn’t live that far away. We have almost met a few times. With our busy schedules its been hard though. Well the stars finally aligned enough it finally happened.

Carl had an Economy he was selling. Steve Farmer was the original discoverer. He showed me the sale advertisement. Steve had originally planned to buy it but logistics interfered. I was telling Digger Dave about the tractor and that I had interest. What surprised me was Digger wanted it too. I bowed out letting Dave make the buy. The only stipulation, I could go on the purchase trip. There was a story for my blog and pictures.

I’ll just start sharing the pictures now. I obviously went.

Carl (right) amongst his collection
Nothing better than a shed packed full
I learned a lot more about Gibson. Carl has a few rare ones
Shaws along the wall
Tiger and a Red E
I may not have my facts correct but I think this is only one left
Self Helper was built by Speedex. They were sent mostly overseas to third world countries
Lawn-alls on the back row. They were only built for a year, 1954

I think tiller steers are cool. I never imagined I’d view a row crop version. This is a Gibson E

Here’s a steering wheel version for reference

These are only the highlights of Carl’s collection. There are so many more. He has Mayrath, Handymans, Grand Haven and all sorts of brands to numerous to mention.

Grand Haven waiting for it’s new owner

Digger and I viewed the collection in the most challenging method, stored away in the barn. It wasn’t easy to get good pictures. Our viewing was A lot of fun that way though! Carl does host an open house in the fall. If you would rather not climb and peruete amongst the tractors, that may be a better method of viewing them.

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