New at House of Honor and my Review of HomiNed

It’s exciting to be part of the House of Honor family of authors. This summer has already seen great new releases.

Our lady authors Rachel Roth, Keisha Willi, Julia Yeoh and Judith Snyder all have books recently released. The books are available from Amazon. Links can be discovered on the website

Interesting trivia about Julia. She lives in Australia. She is my first international Facebook friend. Judy is not only a writer but she is also a graphics artist. She designed all four of the book covers pictured above. She also designed my book cover. New Perspectives is currently being proof read and will release soon.

Jack LaFountain recently started a new blog linked to House of Honor’s website and Facebook page. It’s called Author’s Antics, and will be a team effort from all the authors working with the publishing house. Topics will be about writing. Currently we are answering the question as to how and why we write. Jack, Rachel, and I are the three that have been featured so far.

HomiNed has been available through Amazon for a few months now. It was recently released as an audio book. James Lewis Huss, who authored the book, also does the narrative.

My busy schedule doesn’t allow me to recreational read as much as I’d like. I was overjoyed when I discovered the release on Audible. The story is a quick one. It can be enjoyed in an afternoon when you’re driving. At least, that’s how I enjoyed it.

HomiNed tells the story of a not so typical high school student. Although he deals with normal high school issues, Ned is by no means typical. He’s a chimpanzee! Don’t call him a monkey though that’s very offensive to him. Ned is able to tell you his feelings. He can talk.

James is able to tell a entertaining story and teach life lessons at the same time. The book may be more geared to a young adult, but it’s a great read for all ages. I highly recommend the book.

All these great reads and more can be discovered at I will be sharing links here and on my Facebook page Antique Iron Media.

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