New Perspectives has been released!

New Perspectives is an underwater adventure in a style reminiscent of Clive Cussler. Author, Rick Shaw is an experienced diver and that comes through in his storytelling. His blending of interdimensional travel, with thrills, danger and an added touch of romance is spiced with a dash of the paranormal. New Perspectives is a wonderfully well told adventure—dive right in! ~ Jack LaFountain

This year has been quite the journey. My Publisher had told me about the amazing feeling when I first held the book in my hands. The other notable milestones had to be signing the contract for the submitted manuscript, the learning experience of editing, Judy Snyder interviewing me to determine the best look for the book cover, and my friend and professional photographer Rebecca Lacy doing the photo shoot for my author picture.

I get a lot of bewildered looks from folks when they learn I’m an author. I can’t blame them, in fact I’m still amazed too!

New Perspectives tells the story of a group of sport divers in the Midwest. While searching for a missing diver, they discover a dimensional rift into another place very similar, but not as technological advanced as home.

The villain of the story is making attempts to steal new technology and advance his realm, maybe to fast, and possibly throwing that world into chaos.

The hero, with the help of a local sheriff and his sister, work to stop the villain from his evil plan. The hero and heroine fall in love, causing him to make a difficult decision.

It’s a story where the good guys aren’t so good and the bad guys aren’t so bad either.  Along the way we discover our hero isn’t exactly who he seems to be.

Bigfoot makes a cameo, making the reader wonder what exactly the portal is capable of.

° Special note for tractor fans ~ tractors play a part in this book.

This book, is just the beginning of a multi series. The next saga is just about complete. Each story will stand alone, so a reader can jump right in and enjoy any of the books….at least that’s my plan.

I have already recieved positive feedback, from a few people. But don’t take my word, or their word, for it. Jump right in and order the book and find out for yourself! If you’re local to me let’s hook up so I can put a signed copy in your hands.

New Perspectives can be found on Amazon and also through links through Facebook on my page Antique Iron Media. More links can be found through my publisher House of Honor

As always I greatly appreciate your support!

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