Judy Snyder, Discriptive with Pictures and Words

I’ve mentioned Judy Snyder before. She is the artist that created the cover for my novel New Perspectives. The retooling of the Antique Iron Media is also her fantastic handiwork.

Judy’s book Twisted Tales debuted in June. The release was more recent on Audible. I have a time constraint being able to read so had been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to listen.

Twisted Tales is actually a grouping of short stories. Judy patterns after Rod Serling telling the tales reminiscent of TV’s Twilight Zone. Judy has her own flair, making the reader smile, feel sad and scaring them over and over.

The book is narrated by Steven Molony. This is the second book that Steven has performed for House of Honor. His skill brings books to life.

I personally don’t have a favorite story. Each one is great on it’s own rights. I highly recommend purchasing Twisted Tales in any form you prefer. Its available in paperback, E-book through Amazon and its available on Audible.

Links can be found on the publisher’s website at houseofhonorbooks.com

While you’re there take a minute to browse the catalog for other interesting titles to read. The blog Author’s Antics is also linked there. More can be learned about each of the authors in the Publishing House. A new article is released on Friday

Judy is currently participating in a writing contest of sorts. She is working on a novel that has to be completed in the month of November. One of her short stories Michala’s Rise is being expanded into a novel. I’m privileged to have insight on the project, and have complete faith the book will be great.

Judy’s artistic book covers can be enjoyed on a majority of House of Honor titles. I firmly believe the cover she designed for New Perspectives grabs a potential readers attention. Thank you Judy, for your help in its sales.

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