What’s New! Another Review

 Fire Tales The world has turned away from magic and cast all magical creatures into the netherworld. But there is not peace. The Arianmordun empire has taken control of its enemy country Senlaisre, enslaving its people for centuries. The people of Senlaisre lie in wait, secretly plotting a rebellion, but the rebels want to ensure their victory and send a young man, Ailadwr, to find the sword Maelcethin in the forbidden forest. The sword is known to bring victory to what hand claims it, but Ailadwr knows that there is a price: the opening of hell and the release of all magic.

Cover designed by Judith Snyder

This is a recently released book by fellow House of Honor author Keshia Willi. Keshia hails from Virginia and is a recognized screenwriter

Keshia’s writing style is very classical. The words flow like English poetry. I downloaded the book via Audible for my listening pleasure.

The audio book is well complimented by the choice of narrators. Kacey Sophia brings the story to life with her airy British accent. Listening to the tale is magical.

This was a great change of pace for me. I highly recommend the book.

Jack LaFountain has brought Ed Landry into the third book of the sequel. The book is available on Amazon and Audible. Cameron Buckner narrates.

Cover by Judith Snyder

The bill has come due for Magic Mike’s death and Ed Landry has to pay up—the voodoo queen of New Orleans insists on it. Jazz Ledoux arrives in Oklahoma with the message, get home, Christy’s been kidnapped.

On the road back to Louisiana, Landry falls under the power of a spell that carries him to Lockett in visions. Friends and enemies alike take on new shapes as Landry is forced into a showdown on the bayou. This fight for his life will leave him bloodied.

Another great story by Jack. It was quick. I listened to the book in a day. I realize I had the time being on the road all day.

These two books, and more to be purchased can be discovered, at the website http://www.houseofhonorbooks.com

While you’re there please browse around. Take the time to meet our authors and narrators. There is a blog page to learn insights as to how and why we write. We at House of Honor appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the books available.

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