The Beary Hord from Australia

I just finished listening to Bears In The Woods written by Julia Yeoh. The enjoyable plot tells about an ornery band of teddy bears taking a vacation from Australia to Texas.

This book is geared for children, obviously. There is something in the story for everyone, though. Julia describes the scenery of Texas quite well. It’s not hard for the reader~listener to be absorbed in as if they are there.

Julia paints an exciting, fun picture that brings her teddy bears to life. It’s easy to imagine the control chaos, the bears, and friends cause as they travel, camp, shop, and other general fun.

Julia Yeoh’s experience with ghosts, skinwalkers, and others that go bump in the night is well demonstrated. She is well knowledged, from her heritage. There is a link posted below that leads to a YouTube channel. Here are stories Julia shares from her youth.

The author narrator pairing for Bears In The Woods is excellent. Kacey Sophia’s soft English voice brings the audio to life. It’s fitting to hear the bear antics in a gentle British accent.

I have one warning when you enjoy this wonderful tale. Julia does an excellent job of describing meals and other treats consumed. I feel I gained 15 pounds at the completion of the story. I could mentally smell and taste every morsel that is consumed.

Julia already has a second novel released. Her books can be found on Amazon and discovered in the catalog at

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