Welcome to 2023

Well, another year has come and gone. I have to admit 2022 was filled with interesting milestones in my writing journey.

The journey continues. My next novel was submitted in mid-December. My publisher and I came to terms, and I signed my next contract. I wish I could say I made a sale on the first try, but it took two attempts. I’m lucky to have a kind editor who shares his wisdom gently. Once I quelled my ego, I saw his point. Rejection isn’t a terrible thing.

Can’t go Home is the working title of my next book. It will be the continuing saga of my first story. I’ve already got a good start on number three, mainly because it’s trimmed from Can’t Go Home.

New Perspectives has been released in audio form. I placed a link to take you directly to it below. There are some perks to downloading if you’re a first-time Audible customer. My book can be discovered at houseofhonorbooks.com in paperback e-books and audio forms. I recommend browsing the catalog. There’s many great titles.


It took a while, but I’ve discovered myself as a writer. I’m more a novelist than a journalist~blogger. This last year, I found my writing dedication tended to be swayed toward writing a book. I’m not giving up reporting. The blog will remain the same erratic way it has always been.

Antique Iron Media will continue to double formate. I’m going to continue to feature my fellow authors of House of Honor. As always, thanks for your support!

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