A Different Restoration:Cautionary Tale

Don’t neglect the flowers for the weeds. The weeds will flourish just fine in life’s manure

I’m a private person, even people that are close don’t know me completely. Honestly, I can’t claim I know myself. I’ve changed without realization, at times.

I’m opening up in my privacy, this isn’t going to be happy and sunshine. I don’t seek pity either, I hope reading this is warning enough to help others see error and a need to change attitudes. Life is hard enough, there’s no need to make it tougher.

Don’t ignore your health!

Years ago, I was prescribed hypertension and high cholesterol medication. I abandoned taking the medicine. Yes those are prescriptions meant to be taken permanently. Yes I was stupid.  There could be Dire consequences to my action. The worse being death.

I didn’t care though. I wasn’t out to commit suicide, although there had been times. I felt as if I lived a wasted life. I was going through the motions. That was a stupid attitude, considering the amazing climb from a low point in 2014

Before I explain more, I want to share I do have a relationship with the Lord. I’m not a regular attendee to church. What is going on between Jesus and me is our doing. I know I have been blessed in wonderous ways. Did it change my attitude? Obviously not completely. I kept playing Russian roulette, taking my chances.

Don’t neglect your health!

I was battling and self medicating, having no luck defeating my sinus congestion. Friday morning, upon insistence from friends and my employer, I went to urgent care. Maybe I had bronchitis or something of that nature. I couldn’t breath and it took great effort to do the simplest tasks. I was soon to discover another major prominent body organ has determined factor on my lungs, my heart.

The attending staff quickly realized my life was in close jeopardy. I had a option to “phone a friend” or I was going for a ride in an ambulance. Driving myself was not an option. I was going to ER and now!

I chose phoning a friend. As independent as I try to be, I have been blessed with a couple that is super close to me. I didn’t want to ever burden them, but yet here was need. They have been supporting me, not only through this dramatic ordeal, but became my close family. I thank them for that and can never repay them.

I was immediately ushered to am ER room. VIP treatment is nice, but I’ll pass using it to get into emergency. Of course, I could have come by ambulance. Those patients get executive treatment as well

My blood pressure was way to high, as in high score way to high. The numbers I registered where in the 220s high and 180 low number. 120 80 being a normal number. The heart isn’t meant to be a high pressure tool.  I’m lucky the pump didn’t give out!

There have been signs it was ready to give out. Moving blood throughout my body at high speed caused my heart to enlarge to overcome. A big heart isn’t always a good thing. The heart is the major player of the body. The lungs, and kidneys can feel the effect.

My circulation had been failing. My eyesight has been effected. These are all major warning signs. They don’t go away.

Life is short, don’t make it shorter

After a long day in Emergency, I was admitted. It became apparent I wasn’t on a quick mend. I was placed in a CCU, critical care is a step down from intensive. My vitals were constantly monitored and my left arm was continuously squeezed by a blood pressure cuff.

I had an IV and leads on me. One finger was wired up. I looked like a robot with inner workings coming out. I couldn’t do anything, like use the bathroom without assistance. Even though I was down, that was hard for an independent man. My world from Friday night until late Sunday was a bed, a monitor keeping watch over my left shoulder.

Under agreement with my two close friends, now family, we kept my whereabouts on the down low. I didn’t wish to have visitors. I recieved many staff quests however. A team of doctors, several techs, my nurses. I was lucky to have a day and a night nurse that were very nice. They put up with me and maintained professional friendliness.

Kelsie wasn’t real happy I figured out how to unplug the monitor to get in the bathroom. She was a busy lady and I had to go! I’m glad she tolerated that.

My night nurse Izzy came Friday, in the night alarmed I wasn’t breathing well in my sleep. She put me on oxygen. It evidently helped. I slept and wondered why I had a tube connected to my nose the next morning. I thought I had dreamed it. Izzy administered a great relaxing drug the next night. I slept like a rock. I needed the sleep, I had been dealing with insomnia.

I was downgraded on Sunday. I was also moved to a different room. Now I was more ambulatory and had freedom to get out of bed. My BP was more controlled, but needed monitoring. Being downgraded to general status was a step to going home.

I need to make life changes now. I need a better diet and start to exercise. I’m lucky! This story could be different.. My attitude had already changed, I do care. I want to see where my published author writing goes. I’m also more aware of the friends I have and how much they mean to me.

As I wrote earlier, I don’t seek an pity. I was stupid! Thankfully the Good Lord looks out for people like me. I have another chance now. I hope reading this makes a difference and helps someone else get turned around. Don’t go through what I did.

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