Another From Down Under

Australian author Julia Yeoh has another book available. The Bears, The Witch, and the Bookwyrm has been released in paperback, E-book and through Audible. Julia’s works can be found in the House of Honor website catalog

Julia’s second tale finds the furry rebels in Texas. This story is at an earlier time and the cast of friends isn’t quite as large. The adventure is just as intense and fun, though.

Kacey Sophia narrates, again. Her English accent and soft voice makes the reading an easy listening experience. Since Julia’s books are geared toward the young, the author / narrator combination works perfectly. Regardless, young and young at heart will enjoy the story.

Judy Snyder , designed the cover. Julia and Judy are obvious friends. Like other authors, she uses friends as models for her characters. Judy, and her cat Kirby, arrive in the nick of time; to help slay evil. I have become friends with Judy as well. After seeing her through Julia’s vision, I realize Judy is quite the super hero and I will treat her with more respect.

I also have become more aware while shopping at Dollar General. I was texting with Julia and she shared the store actually did exist. The store has moved from that location. I imagine the stores are just as common in Texas as anywhere else in the US. There should be no fear of any ghosts being left homeless.

Julia has written a wonderful story, again. A cautionary word of advise. Just like her first book the reader runs risk of over indulgence to their senses. She is very descriptive of food and drink. The reader may want to participate in the action, otherwise there is danger of gaining a couple pounds.

Below is a link to Julia’s blog. More can be discovered about her and the bear rebels.—furry/post/have-bear-will-travel?fbclid=IwAR0CasGLTddFr2HMo1CFnSt0iw20wgq9U7144IBKFEBEpoq1ahycEXT8RYQ

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