My Red power

I took a lot of ribbing for the longest time about when I was going to own a real tractor. In July of 2015 my friend Dave Kemp helped locate a Farmall H. It had a comfortable price and was a great starter. Technically it wasn’t my first owned tractor, when I was younger I had a small hay operation. The tractor I had then was a Super M. Brains aren’t wasted on youth, I didn’t see the worth then to keep that tractor.

My H wasn’t much to look at when I first purchased it. None the less I saw the diamond in the ruff. 20161119_153648

Last year, in November, I was lucky enough to have a locally renowned painter take on the restoration of the little 1947 model tractor.  Not only did my friend Doug Edwards bring it back to show room quality presence, the tractor now has new parts. The wiring harness has been replaced, with a new covered battery box. New lights, tires were mounted making it a 80 year old new tractor. 20161231_113715

My painter friend’s family has quite the extensive collection of John Deere, Oliver and IH. In fact Doug’s father Jim is my hero of sorts. His wisdom and friendship is greatly treasured. Doug unveiled my new little beauty on Christmas day last year.  Jim was present and during conversation he asked what tractors I’d like to add to my collection. Being a fan of red power, I stated interest in a 560 and maybe some day owning an 806. After a shared look with Doug, Jim winked and told me he had the perfect tractor suited for me. Last March, I drove home a 1965 Farmall 656 during an uncharacteristically  Illinois winter day. IMG950963

I’ll have Doug do his artistic magic on the 656 at some point. For now, I’ll just enjoy another ruff diamond

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