• There are memories in my metal,
  • if asked why I restore and collect
  • It helps my heartache settle
  • holding to, and never neglect


  • This one here belonged to Dad,
  • it was something important of his
  • now its mine, but it makes me sad
  • I didn’t want it quite like this



  • Now this one here, we tried for years
  • to own one father’s, one son
  • It’s finally mine, after shed tears
  • him gone, makes a bittersweet victory won



  • We’ve customized this one here
  • in memory of a cherished lost friend
  • I’ll think of him from year to year
  • and honor a bound never end



  • Finally this one here, I’ve had for quite a while,
  • its just hard to let it go
  • Restoring it has helped me through many a trial,
  • and maybe a little, help me grow


  • Collecting doesn’t just make me blue
  • I couldn’t do it and stay sane
  • There are many happy memories too
  • great friendships grown and gain


  • Memories of the past, we try to retain
  • It must be for love, why its done
  • Building, restoring to regain
  • For I know, I’m not the only one

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