Thanksgiving Reflection


I have discovered it very hard to be an active blogger with a career driving in the ag business industry. Lately I’ve been working harder as a novelist, during my writing time, preparing my “bestseller”

This fall was extremely hard anyway. On September 10th I had a minor accident and broke my right wrist. Life is hard enough without living it one handed.

I have to proclaim I’m thankful for tractors during this time of thanks. I’m sure many would not be all that surprised I say that. I have become known to be all about tractor. I come to realize there is more to why though. Here are two examples as to how tractors became more than iron tools and share life.

My collection is ever changing. One tractor I purchased didn’t actually stay though. I had a Case 830 for only three months. More importantly though, the seller and I have become very good friends. These past years of buying, selling, and trading have been fortunate that I can claim that in most every deal I do.

I didn’t own the tractor long, but Nathan Reinhart and I built a strong friendship bond well beyond that. Nate and I converse many early mornings as we travel for our work. Our topics can be very broad and complex. We have shared wisdom and solved many world crisis together. I kid him that he can just as easy turn his AM/FM on as call me. Our morning talk continues though and I’m hoping will for some time to come.

My life has become very solitary. I have a very hard time allowing anyone in my circle of trust now. This defense is harsh, but those that have become close are very important to me. Another family I share a strong friendship with, came about from restoring my 1947 Farmall H.

Doug Edwards had finished the H and allowed my first viewing of it on Christmas day two years ago. That appointment was special enough discovering my new toy just the same as when I did as a youngster.

I had gone to Franklin that late morning, for the appointment, fully intent not to intrude on Doug’s personal time for very long. Christmas is a time for family and friends, not a business transaction. I soon discovered that I would quickly become included in their circle. It was business, but it was between friends.

I met Jim during that time. The rest of the day and into that evening was shared talking. I had my first viewing of the Edward’s collection. I will always remember that very special day and be forever grateful.

Doug and I still work closely together, helping each other realize a life dream. Its strange how a artistic tractor restorer and a aspiring writer can support each other so well. We do though. I’m thankful for the Edwards family support and encouragement and will always be there for them.

My first writing to be published in a magazine came about as a commission work for Jim. I recently was called on to write again and that article will soon be on the press.

So this is just two examples as to why I’m thankful for tractors. Its not necessarily the iron, its about the owners.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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