Doug Edwards text me with heart wrenching news. He was on the way to the Veterinarian with Sam. Sadly he was going to be coming home alone. Sam’s health has deteriorated to the point Doug made an agonized decision. As many discover the news, hearts will be very heavy from the loss.

In the years I’ve known Doug, Sam has been his very faithful companion. The strong bond they shared was extremely obvious. I want to express my great sorrow and condolences.

Sam was more than a dog. He was Doug’s roommate, Jim’s grand dog and a highly cherished family member.

I have to doubt anyone that knows the Edwards has not met Sam. The little guy was very popular. He was even a minor celebrity, being interviewed during a Mecum auction.

Sam was never a bother. I’ve seen young children require more discipline. Doug never really needed to leash Sam. Their bond was far stronger anyway. Sam had his place on the truck seat and knew how to operate a window lift when he needed a little air.

I personally have memories created from my friendship. Sam was a member of the cast, of characters, when being around the Edwards family. Many events, Sam was in attendance. He made a few tractor purchase trips alot more fun.

The record needs to be set straight on any such rumors of Sam’s criminal activity. He did not chase a kid on a bicycle. Sam never owned a bike in his life!

Sam, our hearts are weighted with our fond memories. You won’t be forgotten. Cross over the rainbow bridge knowing you brought joy to many lives.

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