2019 was just not the year I expected

Wow! Where did last year go? I’ve heard it said life is what you’re doing while you’re busy making plans. 2019 was an example for me. I have the good fortune of three weeks paid vacation. This year I planned to attend more shows, maybe get in a few tractor drives. It didn’t happen! My work ethic, job duties and the weather didn’t permit the free time I had hoped for.

So where have I been hiding? Behind a steering wheel of a big truck mostly. 2019 was not a normal year for those of us in the agricultural industry. I’m not going into detail, I would imagine many that follow my blog were aware and even dealing with the crop work in their own way.

I missed attending alot of my favorite shows . On the other hand, I did manage to adventure to a couple new venues I’d never experienced. The Edwards family had gone to pull during the Greenville, IL show. Jason and I decided last minute to attend.

While everyone else was attending the Century of Progress, I was in Litchfield, IL for the premiere of a nice little car and tractor show.

My Super C was awarded a second place in the show competition. The Antique Iron Mafia administration actually came home with the top three best of show awards. Jessica Basford and Chris Roach took home 1st and 3rd place.

2019 was my year of up keep and improvement. All three of my “red power” got tweaked and fixed. The H is now 12 volt. All the lights work correctly. The draw bar has been reworked and had new parts. There is a belt pulley now. The tractor is styling fenders and a tool box. I even have a cushioned seat.

The 300 has new back tires, the manifold was replaced and a hydraulic leak dealt with. The T/A has been adjusted. The Super C didn’t need much attention. I replaced the back light with the old 6 volt one from the H though. Theres also a new air precleaner installed.

Of course my friend Scott Rakes felt all three tractors need more power. He had them chipped for me as a Christmas present.

I have a few new additions to my toys. I’m getting lazy and thinking I needed a golf cart. I can walk still, I’m not old and decrepit yet. Anyway I did find something to cruise around at shows with. It’s not a cart, but you would find this on a golf course. The maintenance department would be employing it though!

Finally the F-150 “cop” truck got traded. I found another Dodge to share Big Red’s transportation duties. Of course that is leading to a new fifthwheel. 1974 trailers weren’t designed to be pulled by 2014 trucks. Everything is getting taller now a days.

2020 looks to be a exciting year. I know I’m looking forward to it. Hope to see you all at a show, sale, drive, plow day, or pull this coming year. That way I can discover what’s new with everyone.

I plan to keep the blog more active this year. I’ve already written and submitted a commissioned article for Jim Edwards. Hart Parr Oliver fans might come across something in a coming issue. I’m still discovering my discipline.

Thanks Doug Edwards for the tractor work done this year. It’s good to have a go to friend to complete work I don’t have the time and sometimes technology to complete.

If you’re thinking of a restoration project talk to Doug at Edwards Tractor Restoration. He comes highly recommended. Doug is now a dealer for Stiener Tractor Parts.

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