Wheels of Time Show 2020 @ Indian Creek Farmstead

I have always been a small size show supporter even before the COVID-19 crisis. Larger shows are great, but can be overwhelming to take in and see everything. Smaller shows have a more intimate appeal.

The venue is also a consideration when choosing to participate. There are two shows in Menard County, IL. I like to participate in simply based on location. Indian Creek Farmstead has definitely become a a go to choice.


If family fun is a factor. This venue should become a high priority. John, the owner, has created a site for everything country. There is a playground,

hayrides, flowers, food, live entertainment, I don’t do it justice in description. Simply it’s a pleasant experience!

John caters to a diverse clientele and still feels he can expand. I briefly spoke with the busy man and he informed me he would like to build a tractor pulling track and host that type of event.

I became familiar with this venue a couple of years ago, when the farmstead hosted their first Wheels of Time show. The show is three in one, motorcycles, cars, and of course tractors.

I’ve observed that car shows and tractor shows are two separate controlled events. Every car show I’ve been to seems that it’s about getting a trophy. Once they’re handed out BOOM! all the cars are gone. I walked past a information area and the lady working asked me if I’d voted on best of show. I looked at her and shrugged. She remarked “Oh you must be one of those tractor people” I had to smile when she further stated ” I don’t get why you’re not competing!” I tried to explain that tractor people aren’t like that, but I don’t think she understood.

Show line~ photography by Jessica Basford

Every combination show the tractor people are just laid back hanging out like it’s a reunion, well mainly because it is. We just brought the tractors along.

This year there were new faces among old friends. We are just a big happy family, for the most part.

We don’t compete on who has the best looking machine. Sure theres hassle on what brand is better, but that’s good natured normal. I like looking at the cars, but like all my tractor friends, we don’t necessarily feel one is better than an other. If we did it would probably be good natured brand bashing like we do with our tractors.

I will be featuring a car owned by Antique Iron Member Larry Richie on my new YouTube channel soon.

Red power dominated the show line

This year there was around 18 tractors. Carl Davis brought some nice vintage lawn and garden for viewing. That was a nice addition. Carl is another interview I will be featuring soon on YouTube.

All in all, we had a great relaxing day. Carl Davis, as usual, was the most relaxed of the crew.

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