Horsing Around

Kylie Periman and Candy

I became one of Kylie Periman’s fan following after watching her compete in a horse speed show. I’ve known the young lady her whole life anyway. Her family and I have been friends for quite a long time.

Kylie has a special way with animals. I watched her admirably as she went about her activities. She has a very close bond with her horse Candy and its shows.

The two are a formidable competitor team. Kylie told me it hasn’t always been that way. It took time and patience to develop how well they work together. She laughed and confided that Candy can do all the work now, she just hangs on for the ride!

Photography by Katrina Periman

I doubt it’s that simple but Kylie does make it look easy. Candy is a specially good horse. These two where destined to be together.

Photography by Katrina Periman

I haven’t watched the team compete in the flag competition yet, but, her father, Kevin told me they dominate. Candy is a short little horse and Kylie rides tall in the saddle, She has good reach for flag placement. It also helps that Candy can control her stride to counter balance and keep her leaning rider safely on the saddle. I’d say that’s a winning combination.

Kylie patiently answered my questions about horses. She demonstrated her knowledge and the sharp young sixteen year old actually taught me a few things. She recently purchased another young horse. Kylie has plans to slowly retire Candy as her new horse matures and can take more of the competition burden. I doubt Candy will totally go “out to pasture”

Kylie shows Delcetto in a halter show, her next rising star Photography by Katrina Periman

Candy is a 11 year old paint that stands 14.1 hands tall, Kylie explained she could technically be considered a pony. 14.2 and over are horse height. Candy makes up for being height challenged.

Kylie waiting for her turn to shine in the arena

The two had a great night competing when I was along. Their first pole run earned high ranking. They had their best run on the barrels and then followed up to top that. Candy was awarded her favorite treat, several Starburst. Kylie also shared her strawberry sundae with Candy.

Kylie had a follow up remark as Candy was being prepared for the homeward trip. We were debriefed on how the night went and she closed by thanking her sponsors. Mostly her mom, Katrina, for buying a new truck to pull her horse trailer.

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