Growing from “Grass Roots”

Designed by Katrina Periman

I like to surround myself with talented and artistic people. Back in 1993 a diesel mechanic worked on my semi tractor. I was very impressed and I was fortunate to become friends with him. Since that time, he, and his family have made so many achievements. If I had to describe the man with one sentence. He has a great talent to re invent himself. Over the years he’s been a mechanic, truck driver, vinyl  graphics specialist welder, and welder/ fabricator.

Kevin and Katrina

Kevin and Katrina Periman are true entrepreneurs, The couple have created, or have involvement with, several small businesses.  Their son Travis has followed in his dad’s foot steps and is very talented in the mechanical field. Daughter Kylie is good with animals. I feature the young lady in the article Horsing Around found here on the blog.

Kylie, the horse whisperer

Kevin was born with a equally talented twin. Kerry was also a welder / fabricator. Everything Kevin can do, Kerry was good at too. I remember, years ago, when the three of us were together. The twins father Basil remarked “you three can be dangerous when you’re together” I could probably write a non fiction novel accounting many adventures shared. Sadly we lost Kerry when he passed away in Feb, 2020.

Kevin and Katrina grew up in a country setting. They have worked side by side developing a dynamic working team even before their marriage in 1989. They seem to have more children than the two born to them. I can’t think of a time, here of late, that they aren’t surrounded  by passels of young people.

Travis, left and Kevin, right on two of their work horses.

The Periman family all have the passion for antique tractors. The family owns a collection of tractors. I would deem theirs as sandbox and not shelf models. They work / play with the equipment. Kevin and Travis both compete with individual pulling tractors,

Photo by Katrina Periman
Photo by Katrina Periman

I’m pretty sure Kevin had been making plans for the newest challenge he has taken on before he shared with me. I had been sworn to secrecy for several months on the exciting new concept. Well the secret is about to be revealed!

Photo by Kevin Periman

Originally there had been plans to build, from scratch, an antique tractor pulling sled. There are many antique tractor pulling enthusiasts in our local region and Kevin wanted more chances to “hook” The plan accelerated when an opportunity arose to purchase a sled already built. Kevin now has all the equipment with a sled, scales and any other items needed. The Perimans have been preparing and modifying in preparation of the 2021 pulling season.

Almost ready

Ed and Dan Nagel, local neighbors, donated some property for use as a permanent pulling site. The location is conveniently west of New Berlin, IL. There are still plans to be able to take the “show on the road” though.

Photography editing by Katrina Periman

The sled equipment and staff will work as a company named Heaven Sent Motorsports. This name was chosen in tribute to Kerry, their late sister Kim, and Katrina’s dad. Kevin & Katrina have also chartered a group Grass Roots Tractor Club as the support membership. There will be membership dues created and officers elected. Social media promotion can be found on Facebook.

There’s more roots growing with the new club, other than tractor pulling. The true goal is promoting agriculture and getting young people involved. Scholarships will be funded dedicated to agricultural education. There will also be hardship funds to help those in tough agricultural times

Tractor pulling isn’t the only activity the club plans to use for visibility. There will be toy drives, tractor rides, shows, and involvement in parades. Public awareness, and the attraction of interest, to their goals, is a major asset of the club’s growth

This is a more organized effort to everything the Antique Iron Mafia has tried to do for the past several years. I greatly encourage our group following to get involved with the Grass Roots Club. There are no plans to change the Mafia structure, the group will continue on with it’s fun unorganized chaos. Antique  Iron Media is looking forward to working in cooperation with this new club and company. The media will be working to help promote and report the ongoing happenings

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