Recommended Reads

Recently, my blog was hijacked by Jack LaFountain. He has much latitude in this action considering he is the publisher and editor for my upcoming book New Perspectives that will be released in the near future. Jack is doubly forgiven since he shared his memories about aircraft. I enjoyed hearing from him, and I hope you, the reader did as well.

Jack has several books published. A good number are also available to be listened to, for those that don’t have time to turn the pages.

I personally have taken full advantage of my Audible account, recently Here are three titles I highly recommend for reading or listening pleasure.

I’m a fan of westerns. I was introduced to Jack’s western style by listening to Redemption. This is the tale of Kit Mann, a frontier preacher with a dark past. Kit has a congregation in a lonely little town in Wyoming. His world gets turned upside down when an outlaw gang rides in. Unfortunate for Mann, this is the gang he used to ride with.

Kit is forced to face his shady past. In the process his secrets are revealed. Mann helps to take the outlaw gang, without resorting the need of a gun.

Judgement is Jack’s follow up to Kit Mann’s story. Kit goes back to Nebraska to face a long time murder charge against him. His faith is tested, but he puts his life in God’s hands.

Kit faces the gallows and his opponent is a no nonsense judge and a prosecutor that hasn’t lost a case yet. A letter pleading his pardon follows behind in the hands of a Cavalry officer. The soldier faces major hardships to reach the trial in time.

Throughout the series Jack shares a message of Christian faith. There is a strong message of morality. Jack presents these works so well the moral message doesn’t come off as preachy.

Death Rides the Red River is a western theme with an interesting twist. This story takes place just after the civil war. Confederate officer Nate Carson drifts his way to reconstruction Texas. He manages to acquire a ranch where he tries to live in peace within isolation.

Unfortunately, a civil war secret weapon follows him, and he has to face the horrors of a Werewolf again. That isn’t the only monster that Nate has to deal with. He also has to fight a corrupt congressman.

The government official may be the true beast in this story. The hero’s of the saga have several unusual allies that are not always viewed as good, as they battle to a conclusion.

I personally like Jack’s interpretation in this book. The storyline reminds of similar issues James West and Artimus Gordon faced in the old TV series Wild West.

Jack’s books can easily be found on Amazon and Audible. Simply do a an author search for Jack LaFountain and make your selection. I’ll try and share links during my next recommended reads review in the future. Jack is also on Facebook.

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