My most recent collection add may have not been in my best interest….at first. I’m the type of collector that’s better off with a electric start toy. That may have been good advice I gave to myself, but I didn’t listen.

I purchased a Shaw Du-all on auction last year. Maybe it had something to do with vanity, sharing a name with a tractor is kind of cool. I managed to find a second one, driving to Ohio to acquire it. I realize this isn’t new news. I’ve shared pictures.

Well, let’s get to the point of this article. I don’t think anyone would be surprised that I had difficulty starting the little tractor. It’s a hand crank start. I figured I’d eventually figure it out or the novelty of ownership would wear off and I’d sell the frustrating machine.

As predicted, I had problems learning to crank start. I even cheated, with the help of another friend I would use another tractor and pull start the Shaw. That problem of crank starting my Du-all was made easier by a genius friend of the Edwards family, Jerry Rawlings. I’m pretty fortunate he’s come into my friends circle now.

I have permission to mention Jerry now. I’m glad he will allow that and I can thank him publically. He had agreed to tune up my magneto as an attempt to make the Du-all easier to start. Jerry did that and much more.

First off let me show you a couple pictures of the crank start. It has a knuckle busting design to begin with. I realize most people are smarter or maybe sadists that enjoy pain. Who am I to judge though the method worked since 1951.

The crank handle is even a knuckle buster to retrieve from it storage point Maybe its hidden like that so people, like me, don’t hurt themselves.

So let me show what Jerry came up with to make my enjoyment of the little tractor much better.

He made a longer crank handle, that gets the operation of starting, out further in front of the frame. The longer handle is supported so there is no damage to the crankshaft. Jerry had made a prototype handle for me, but this new one is so much nicer.

I like the new starting handle storage point. Its hidden in plain sight.

Thank you Jerry, for modifying this little jewel tractor for my enjoyment.

Editor’s note – I’m sorry if the pictures were cut off. I had editing issues with them. The full view may be available if you click on the picture.

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