More Good Reads or Listening Content

I have a couple more read / listen books to recommend. My Publisher and friend Jack LaFountain has created a series in which his protagonist Ed Landry keeps encountering menace and evil. Jack has a great ability to write about monsters. One of my previous recommendations Death Rides the Red River told the story of a werewolf in Texas after the Civil War.

What in the world is a Rougarou? Well I didn’t know either until I listened to Bayou Moon. Ed Landry is the sheriff of his hometown Lockett LA. He investigates and solves mysterious deaths caused by this monster. The solution comes at great cost for Landry. He has to chose between what is just and legal. His choice puts him on the run as an outlaw.

Blood Moon Landry, on the run from his home in LA, finds himself in Mineral Springs, OK. He befriends local restaurant owners and takes a job as a dishwasher. His friendship circle grows as he helps the local police to take down Native American shapeshifters.

Both books are narrated for Audible by Cameron Buckner. Cam has a YouTube channel Dixie Cryptid and a podcast What if it’s True. He shares stories about Bigfoot, UFO and other paranormal activities.

Cam narrated my story Strangness in the South 40 on his channel recently. It can be found in the episode Was There a Willow Creek Massacre. My story starts at time stamp 26:10. The written version I originally shared to this blog Fiction Fun and More Fiction.

House of Honor recently released HomiNed by James Lewis Huss. It will be available, on Audible, in the future and from what I understand narrated by the author. I look forward to reading or listening to the story.

New Perspectives is three quarters through the editing process. I will be estatically announcing its release date when it comes.

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