A Day in Oregon

If you have never been to AJ’s Jamboree you are missing out. What’s going on you ask? Garden tractors everywhere!

Andy Hinrichs has been hosting this event for quite a few years now. I didn’t find out just how long, but his son AJ has led the parade since he was 7, he’s 16 now.

There are several events planned throughout the day. A parade of tractors starts out the day My phone was charging so I didn’t get pictures, that’s the hazards of dual use. My phone was also my GPS.

There is a plot to discover your garden tractor muscle. After the first round of plowing the ground was leveled off, packed a little, so people could plow again. Who says you can’t go over plowed ground again?!

Some of the plows are pretty sharp creations. Jeff Kluewer had this sharp little implement behind a John Deere 332.

This was another sharp outfit to watch work

This little creation didn’t make it to the dirt. The Cub it was mounted on wasn’t cooperative. The tractor had carburetor issues. You’ll have that some times.

Andy Hinrichs has the spirit of Mark Twain. Reminiscent of Tom Sawyer, he conned around 20 to help gravel his driveway. The tractors worked like bees at the hive and did a great job spreading rock.

Photo credit Carl Davis
Photo credit Carl Davis

There were other events to participate in. A missed the tractor drive to the railroad bridge. A auction that benefits the local 4H kids sold some nice items.

I’ve seen and even been in a few slow races. Now these guys know how to go slow! I mean check your speed by a calendar slow. I posted a video in the group Antique Iron Mafia. One driver made a scuff mark on his tire to prove he was moving.

Check out these custom pieces This is an AC WD that has been washed a few to many times

Or for those with a more modern taste in custom work. Check these two out

Photo by Carl Davis
Photo by Jeff Kluewer

I think this Cub has a good enough foot print its stable and won’t turn over with the narrow front

This is the only Cub I’ve ever seen on steel.

Photo by Carl Davis

I like tiller steer tractors these two caught my attention. Someday I’ll have me one….

Mayrath aren’t real common. I’ve seen pictures, and know of one in Nokomis. This is the first one I’ve seen without the body tin work

This Shaw Du-all was there. Ironically the owner’s last name was Shaw. Unfortunately the owner isn’t related to the creator of the tractor.

Photo by Jeff Kluewer

Andy has a pretty nice collection of all kind of tractors, primitives, agricultural tools, in his barns. He opens the doors to let people explore and discover.

There was so much to see and do all day long. The best part was reconnecting with old friends and taking the time to make new ones. I personally can’t wait until next year.

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